Friday, April 2, 2010

My Friend Kay

I'd like to introduce you to someone special- my good friend Kay.
She's a cute little 22 year old, and she loves to get dirty working on the farm.
She loves to carry giant sacks of leaves in the fall, and in one load she can carry more firewood than we burn in a week in our stove. She never complains about the weather, and is as surefooted as a mountain goat.

She's special.

She's my truck :)

So you see, here in Japan, they call these cab forward micro-trucks "Kei-tora" lit. "Light Truck."
I just call mine "Kay" for short. They are incredibly useful, even though the old ones like mine scream if you push them past 60Km/hour (about 45 mph for the metric impaired). She gets incredibly good gas milage.. She has limited slip differential 4WD (whatever that means) and an AM radio. That is about the extent of her options. If I want to check the oil, I unbuckle the front seat and take it out to access the engine. She is so old I have to stop the truck, get out, and lock the hubs manually before I can put her in 4WD. When I drive her, I have to open the window to stick my elbow out, and I have to bow my legs to fit in the cab. But she's sturdy, clean, and looks good in white- even after Labor Day.

Yep. She's a good 'un. A keeper. 

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