Monday, June 21, 2010

Fava Beans!

Man, I love fava beans! Here we plant them in the late fall. They grow just a bit during the fall and winter, and take off like rockets in the spring. Our fava bean tops were just black with aphids during May, but thanks to our no spray policy, the ladybugs and lacewings soon took care of the problem. Now they are in harmony.

So we harvested some beans yesterday, shelled them, nicked them, salted them, and boiled them. You wouldn't believe how good they were.

If you have never grown or cooked fresh fava beans before here is a crash course:
1. shell them.
2. nick their "butts" with a sharp knife- you will understand once you shell them.
3. put them in a bowl, add some salt and mix them up well. Let it sit for a while. (I know, so specific. But it isn't brain surgery you know)
4. boil some water, and add the beans and salt. Boil for two minutes and drain.
5. Eat them. Some people take the outer skin off. Some people also drive their cars a mile to go to the gym and exercise. You are not "some people." Eat the whole thing.

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