Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How did they do that?

Well, it isn't art, but you get the picture

Well, those of you with goats probably have dealt with this problem.
They are idiots.

What do you do when your wife calls you at work, out of breath, saying "Help! I don't know what to do! The goats are making funny "EEEHHHHhoooOOO" sounds, and they are collapsed on the ground!"

Well, I tell you what I did- I canceled my class, had my wife pick me up (since it takes 45 min on a bike, but only 15 by car) and I turned my handy dandy 500W halogen lamp on the problem. Oh, nothing too special. One of the goats, Yo, just got HIS RIGHT FRONT LEG WEDGED INTO SATO'S LEFT HORN! How the heck do they do that? I mean, really, it is just weird. The leg folded up and was caught in the curl. Sato was freaking out about the pressure and having his giant goat brother pushing his head into the dirt, and Yo was freaking out that Sato was busy trying to dislocate his front leg.

I finally managed to push down on Sato's head while pushing up on Yo's knee, after arranging the hoof so it wouldn't catch on the other horn. Then it slid free, and both goats assumed their urination positions and peed for about 5 minutes straight. Afterward, Yo was able to walk freely, and Sato... well we love Sato.

There was a small good thing about all this. I could see I need to trim Yo's hooves.

Goats. Whatcha gonna do?

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  1. I'd just like to say that I knew what you were talking about without the picture. But it's a fine picture, kind of cave-artish...
    Now you know why turkeys don't have horns. If something as smart as a goat can get in a mess like this, can you imagine?