Friday, June 8, 2012

Let Us Eat the Lettuce!

Cs-137, Cs-134 not detected!
My spring crop of Sunny Lettuce has been grown, tested, came back negative (at least under 16 Bq/Kg)!
After the test, they give you back the produce. Since it was clean, I have been eating it.
It takes a long time to eat 600g of lettuce...

I am just happy to know that it passed, even if the kids aren't allowed to eat it.


  1. Is sunny lettuce the kind that has the ruffled edges that are reddish in color? Lettuce makes a good substitute for bread and tortillas for sandwiches. It may take less time to eat it that way....

    1. Yes, that is the type. I do love it so!

      Here we use lettuce when we have a Japanese/Korean style BBQ. Thin slices of meat, grilled for just a minute or two, quickly dipped into a soy-based sauce, then wrapped in the lettuce with a bit of sticky short grained rice.

      The traditional lettuce is called "San-chu", but really, any lettuce is fine.

      Have the rabbits stopped eating yours?