Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hot and Cold Until the Equinox

Here in Japan they have a saying, "Atsusa Samusa Higan Made" (a pronunciation note, the "Made" is pronounced as "mah-day"). Literally "Heat and Cold until the equinox." And it is true! Until last Sunday it was unmitigated summer. Just beastly hot and humid day and night. But this week- we closed the bedroom windows and put a blanket on the bed for the first time since the end of June! I spent most nights up to the equinox just sweating without any coverings at all. It got down to almost 65 F last night!
So now I am wondering where did summer go? Where was the transition? Or is this the transition?

It happens every year, and every year I am surprised by it.

So here are a bunch of random summer pictures since I hate posts without pictures.
My carrot puller and his spoils

My split bamboo dome experiment.

A lizard my son found in a half filled bucket of water.

The dragon waterspout at a local Buddhist temple.

Snowy white eggplant with some sweet banana peppers.

A 1,000 year old Cedar tree at the local Shinto Shrine.

Yours truly on a family trip to Fukushima

Yours truly on the kitchen table.
(Ok, I cut the mouth by accident trimming around the
eggplants with my brush cutter. We added eyes later)


  1. I like the dome!
    Aaaaand, I was wondering how Adsense is working for you. I'm considering it over at our blog. Yours is currently sporting Countryside, btw, which I'm guessing is the only thing that will pop up on mine :)

  2. Ignore the "Countryside" comment. After turning off my Adblock Plus I realized it wasn't the Adsense content. Hah!
    But I'd still like to know how it's going for you.

  3. I just put the Countryside ad there because I like Countryside magazine, and they put my blog on their list as well. A mutual thing.

    Adsense- well, I get a few pennies now and then. I won't be quitting my day job, that's for sure. If I had more traffic it might be different, but with less than 100 visitors per day...meh.