Monday, January 7, 2013

Coconut Banana Corn Flakes

Happy New Year!

I poured a bowl of corn flakes and cut up a banana before realizing we had only a quarter cup of milk in the carton in the fridge. Who does that? Anyway, there was also half a can of coconut milk left over from a coconut banana pudding we made yesterday.... Well, it says milk on the label...

You really should try this. It was amazing. The crunchy cornflakes, the sweet bananas and that coconut.... This is the way corn flakes should be eaten.


  1. Happy New Year to you, too! I will, however, toast you with plain Greek-style yogurt and red grapes. No corn for this girl! Or bananas and coconut milk, either. Whew!

    1. True, no corn for you. I didn't know you didn't like bananas and coconuts though.

  2. Eric, I just realized that we have quite a bit in common. Where in Minnesota are you from? I grew up in Wisconsin, and love the movie "the real dirt on Farmer John". Can't you just hear your grandparents. I love that movie. The hand sculpted house is also an excellent book. More than the technical advice, the fundamental philosophy is right on, I feel. Hope we can cross paths in person some day. nihondaigaku(dot)kairu(at)gmail(dot)com