Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Quake Day Six

March 16, Wednesday

It seemed like a normal day today, when we didn't have the TV news on. We relaxed around the house, played with the kids, and had inventive cooking from the wife. As you know, the supermarkets are not open, so we have to make some inventive menus. All of them include rice. That is one great advantage that Japan has over much of the USA. Every house has rice, usually 10-20Kg at any given time. While white rice may not be the most nutritious food, it has a heck of a lot of energy, you can keep it indefinitely, and it is easy to cook. Ten kilos of rice will last a young family of five for quite a long time.
Like I said, except when the news was on, it was just a normal day.
Thank you God for small blessings.

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