Monday, May 23, 2011

Oven and Rice update

Cob pizza oven during polishing process. Kind of looks like my dad's head....
Well the oven has dried enough for me to polish it up a bit. It now doesn't look quite as rough as it did yesterday. The polishing was simple. I took a plastic wrapper- I think that it was an old potato chip bag- put it on my hand like a glove, and smoothed out the dome. The best way was to rub it in circles, like waxing a car. Now it is much, much smoother.

The paddy on its second morning.
The flat of rice seedlings.
A three blade clump of rice to be planted

The rice paddy is doing well- I think. Having never done this before, I am not so sure. But it looks OK to me so far. I lowered the water level slightly since a few seedlings were completely underwater when I checked on it this morning.

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