Saturday, July 2, 2011

Elephant Ears Are Coming Along

Taro, or Colocasia esculenta
The taro I planted last February are finally making a showing. I am really looking forward to eating them this winter. My favorite dish with them is a simple nimono that my wife makes. Some taro, shiitake, konyaku, carrots, and konbu are simmered in a sweet soy sauce and some other secret ingredients. Alright, not so secret, but she is asleep and waking her up to ask her how to make nimono when the taro are still just sprouting is a bad idea to say the least. I will give another post about it around New Years if I can remember. 

At any rate, to plant them, prepare a bed with compost and lime. Dig a shallow trench and put the corms about 40cm apart. In late June and mid July hill them up- about 10cm each time. Then, when the plant yellows, carefully dig up the corms. 

Not so hard, and pretty tasty.

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