Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So I filled up the truck with gas...

Gas prices here in Japan have been going down a bit, so I thought I would take the K-truck in and fill it up. Sure enough, 141 yen/L. Not too bad.
For you Americans out there: 141 yen is $1.78.
One liter is .26 gallons.
So the price in USD was  $6.73/Gal.

What's the price like for you guys?


  1. Yeah yeah, I know. But we don't have access to the ultra efficient cars you have there! I think it is mandatory that they add 500 lb to the weight and at least 5 gallons to the gas tank capacity before a Japanese car can be imported...
    So while it's a mere $3.75 here, that's $93 to fill up a 25 gallon truck.
    What is a K-truck, anyway? What's that stand for?

  2. Ah, the K-Truck. The "K" is "Karui" which means "light." Basically a sub-compact truck. Like if you chopped up a Ford Fiesta and made it a pickup truck. Look under "Kay" in the Label cloud on the right side, and you can see my girl.