Monday, October 31, 2011

Planting Jinenjo (Dioscorea opposita )

I have no idea if I did it right, it is just an experiment.

First, I lay a piece of Moso bamboo I had split and knocked the nodes out of and checked the length.

Then, I dug a trench in the side of my garden bank and put the bamboo trough in it.

Then I filled the trench with soft soil, being careful to avoid any rocks or roots.

At the top of the bamboo trough, I put the top 15cm of jinenjo root my friend gave me, and carefully replaced the soil around it.

The theory is that the root will grow down the bamboo trough, and I won't have to dig a one meter deep hole next to the root just to get it out without breaking it.

**** 2012/05/06**** The embankment was destroyed by wild boars, and I am afraid the jinenjo were as well.


  1. If this works, it could be interesting. Any follow-up on this?

    1. Thanks for the comment Victor-
      Unfortunately, the entire bank where I planted them was completely rooted up by wild boars over the winter. So I am afraid that is the end of my jinenjo experiment.
      Sorry about that.
      If it does happen to have escaped damage, be sure that I will post about it.