Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dried Persimmon Taste Test

Hoshi-Gaki or Dried Persimmon
 The Persimmons I dried this year are nearing completion- So on Saturday, the kids and I decided to have a nice little snack and some genmai-cha (green tea with toasted brown rice). It was a very Japanese morning snack. Quite lovely. The persimmon had a leathery skin- kind of like a fruit leather, but the inside was very sticky and sweet. It tasted a lot like a rather juicy date. And the contrast with the bitter green tea.... fabulous!

I think this will be a Saturday tradition as long as they hold out.
That is a healthy snack.


  1. They keep really well in the freezer, Eric. We have
    several hundred (all from one very productive "tane-nashi" tree) crowding out everything else... but it's worth it. We get to eat kaki all the way through to next year's harvest.

  2. Thanks John!
    I also keep them in the freezer. Although last year after the quake the electricity went out and they all defrosted. They just weren't very good refrozen after that.