Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Insect ID Help

So today I saw some insects in the garden. I am pretty sure they are not all harmful. Click to view them larger.
Here are the four contestants on "NAME THAT BUG!"

1. On a black raspberry leaf

2. Also on a black raspberry leaf

3. You guessed it, on a black raspberry leaf

4. On my fava beans

If you have any information about these insects, please comment below!


  1. Well, number 1 just looks like a "normal" fly.
    Number 4 is a hover fly, which eats aphids. Does it tend to "hover" stationary for a while and dart about quickly?

    1. Yes, number four did hover over the favas, which are as always aphid lures.
      Thanks for the info!

  2. #2 is a black-tipped leafhopper

    1. Thanks! Those darn sapsuckers. But I got a decent crop, so it is all good. How grew your garden this year?

  3. Garden grew well, and is still growing. I have already canned one batch of tomatoes, and have given away countless cucumbers (as there are only so many pickles that anyone can/will eat). The herbs have been spectacular this year, and the eggplants have lovely jewel colored fruit. Green beans coming out of my ears! It was a bad year for peas, but there is always next year.