Thursday, May 16, 2013


Borage flowers

What to do with a spouse who doesn't understand my need to grow a garden?
I love her, but she views my garden as her rival. Which in my opinion isn't fair.

  1. I spend a lot more time with her than I do in the garden (as anyone who sees the weed-choked paradise that is my garden can attest). 
  2. I talk to her more than I do to my garden. 
  3. I don't cut parts of her off, cook them and eat her like I do to plants in my garden. 
  4. I don't cover her with straw to smother her like I do to my garden.
  5. I don't shovel manure over her like I do to my garden.
  6. I don't pound pointy bamboo stakes into her with a wooden club like I do to my garden.
  7. I would be much angrier if a wild boar damaged her than I am when they damage my garden.
I have tried getting her interested in gardening with me, but she is too clever to fall for that. My father told me to marry a woman cleverer than myself. Apparently it backfired in this respect.


  1. That seems to be a common refrain among homesteaders. I feel very lucky that, while Mark wasn't into gardening when I met him, he loved me enough to come over to the dark side with me. Unfortunately, I have no advice on how to replicate this success. :-)

    1. Thanks Anna.
      I just had to vent a bit there.
      I doubt that she will come around to my point of view, but I just hope she can accept mine.

  2. Troy and I have a similar fight. However, he seems to think that he gardens. Which means that he buys the plants/seeds and has ideas of where to put them, and I do the planting, weeding, watering, mulching, insect management, fertilizing, harvesting, canning, cooking and artful presentation of the fruits of (our) labor.