Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazing Firewood Stack Stabilizer

Now, if you are like me, you spent all Spring just happy that you didn't have to worry if you had enough wood to last all winter. Then Summer was too hot, and now, far, far too late, you are chopping like a madman. At least the weather is cool.

So we procrastinators out there have to stack our firewood to allow maximum air circulation if we want to get any kind of value out of the wood. But we all know that a long, single depth stack of wood falls over if you sneeze at it. Which is why I developed the Amazing Firewood Stack Stabilizer!

Go ahead and start stacking an eight foot long wall of wood out in the open. When it gets to about a foot high, start another a foot away. Then add the amazing stabilizer and see how sturdy your stack it! You can start a third stack to build an exploded cord (Three 8x4 foot walls of 16 inch wood, with a foot between each wall) and let the wind blow through and around the wood. The best part is, it is free! You guessed it, it is a six foot long, small diameter, relatively straight branch! Just bridge the walls with it and keep stacking above it. I found that two about two feet from each end, one at one foot, the other at three feet high makes a rock steady cord out of what was a mighty shaky exploded cord.

Bridge two stacks and make it much stronger

Vastly improved airflow through the stack
Next year I'll start stacking from early spring, I promise.

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