Saturday, September 3, 2011

Banana Update

Japanese Fiber Bananas- I will try and eat one, stay tuned...
The bananas are forming. They are small and flat, still green as of yet. And they are pretty high up there, so I can't really get too close to photograph them well.

I was thinking of using the leaves of the banana for plates when we have our next BBQ party here.
You know in Japan, a BBQ is a lot different from back in the USA or Canada.
Here, we have a smallish grill, and the whole party takes place around the grill. Usually the host (but sometimes if there is a "BBQ Dad" as I like to call them, they will take over) will put the very very thinly sliced meat and vegetables on the grill. You watch, talk, drink some tea or beer if you fancy, and take a piece whenever you want. Then you dunk it in your sauce of choice, and eat it over a bowl of rice.

And I tell you, for dessert, put a banana in its skin on a cooler part of the grill, and let it turn black. Cook it until it starts to bubble and ooze out of the skin. Transfer it to a plate, open it, and put some cream cheese on it. Wow. You must try this.

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