Monday, March 8, 2010

Dessert first

Goats are possibly the most wasteful critters I've ever seen. In the winter here, when it is too wet for them to go out to pasture, they stay in their pen and I feed them there. Or at least I try to. Some days I go to the mountain and pick "Aoki" (lit. "Green tree" in Japanese, Acuba in English). The goats go nuts over the pretty little berries. So much that they throw the branches to the floor of the pen, and urinate on them in excitement. And of course, they then wait for me to bring them more leaves to eat, since they have soiled the first batch. They sure love dessert first... Hmmmph.

It is not only acuba leaves, but oat hay as well. They love the milk oats in the hay. So would I, if I was a goat. But when they throw out all the stems to get to the oats, and refuse to eat what they spilled..... Hmmph. When I was a young'un, we had to eat our meal before the dessert by gum!...

Oh well, at least they are cute, and when they eat the oats, they make the sweetest little grunting noises, like a couple of pigs. I just wish they could understand why I look so exasperated when they throw the meal on the floor to get dessert first.

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