Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Good Wife

Now, I know a lot of you will think I am being sarcastic, but it's true! My wife is so great she let me bake my own Birthday cake! :D

You see, while the Japanese have mastered the art of not cooking fish, their cakes.... well... they suck. Hard. They look beautiful when you see them in a store, for example. But they don't call them sponge cakes for nothing. They have about the same texture and taste as one. So my wife, in her wisdom, allowed me to bake a yellow cake for my birthday! It is in the oven right now. Leif and I made it while Ewan was chilling on the table in his baby bouncer next to us.

So our house if full of the scent of sweet vanilla (with an undertone of sour milk and diaper from Ewan- I should go take care of that now :) )

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