Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Japanese Hinai Chickens

Woo hoo!!!! I've got chickens now!
Two of them, to be exact. A birthday gift from my friends Ken and Yuko.

There is only one problem..... they are surprise chickens.

You see, my lovely wife doesn't like chickens. She likes to eat them, but live... they kind of freak her out a bit. And she doesn't want any more animals around the place. (Of course, she said that before she adopted our two cats while I was at work, so I think it is only fair...) That is why I haven't told her yet. I'll wait until we have enough eggs for an omelette. Once she tastes real eggs, she may come around. If not, we will have a nice chicken dinner or two.

They are Hinai-jidori, one of the "big three" Japanese chicken breeds, along with Nagoya-cochin, and Satsuma-jidori.
The breed is a stabilized hybrid between male Hinai-dori (notice no "ji") - which was designated a living natural monument and can no longer be legally eaten in Japan- and  female Rhode Island Reds. The crossing made a bigger chicken, and they do have a lot of their mothers in them. I can hardly tell the difference. And it is legal to eat them.

But anyway, they are happily ensconced down in the orchard, and tomorrow, or the day after they will be in their new chicken tractor! More about that one later.

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