Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Compost just happens

My latest compost pile- Named him "Gomer"- has hit a new high! 65 degrees C.
Ok, fine, for all you Farenheads out there:

65 x 9 = 585

585 / 5 = 117

117 + 32 = 149 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Not bad. Here is the step by step.
1. I liberated 37 bags of yard waste from a local park.
2. I lashed four pallets together into a rough box
3. I dumped in a bag of yard waste, two shovels of mediocre at best dirt.
4. Repeat step three 36 more times.
5. cover and weigh down the top with a square of plywood and some old tires.

After the container was getting pretty full, the boy and I jumped up and down on it to pack it down.

Now a lot of compost purists will say:
"What about the C:N balance?"
"What about the browns?"
"What about the lack of aeration if you pack it down so tight?"
"You don't need to add soil."

To them I say
"Compost happens, and 74 shovels full of mediocre dirt will become 74 shovels of super rich soil plus compost"

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