Monday, July 5, 2010

Goumi Liqueur

We have a goumi bush in our yard, under the Paulownia tree. Every year we are innundated by gadzillions of the little red berries, which are sour and astringent before fully ripe, and just sour as lemons after they are ripe. What a bargain.  We have tried making jam out of them for a couple of years, but this year we decided to try something new.

Start with one kilogram of goumi berries. Make sure you pull off each and every one of the stems from the several hundred berries. That should keep you busy for a while. 

Ok, you have the one kilo of berries, now you need to put them in the jar. 


Cover them with one kilogram of rock sugar. Well, any kind of sugar will work.

Now pour 1.8L of "White Liquor" over the berries and sugar. White Liquor is basically a 35% grain alcohol. Japanese Shochu, Korean Soju are good, Vodka... Well, I guess it might work. Everclear- That would work pretty well.

 Now this is the hard part..... Wait three weeks before drinking.


  1. May I ask how this turned out? I have a bush loaded with fruit and I am considering trying this out. Thanks!
    Pleasant Hill, Oregon

    1. Well, it went OK I guess. The berries as you know are a bit astringent, and so is the liqueur. I still have most of it, on account of it being so sweet. The color is quite striking though. I serve it over ice, with some soda water. It might make good sno-cone syrup for adults....

  2. If anyone is still following this post- I still have some left. It is still astringent