Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Showa Timeslip in Iwaki- Matsugaoka Park

Last weekend, we accidentally fell backwards in time to the late 1970s/early 1980s. We were coming back from a nice hot spring in Yumoto, Iwaki, and decided to check out a park- Matsugaoka Park (the link is google translated, but the pictures are nice). We parked the car, unloaded the stroller, loaded up the baby, and then carried the stroller up the several thousand stairs to the top of the hill. Not a whole lot of handicap accessibility we thought. Arriving at the top, we found the other parking lot. D'oh!
Then it was back in time. The SkyCycle, boat ride, carousel, and mini train, complete with "Family Rand" on the locomotive. All for 60 yen/ride for kids. Yes, even the prices were from the Showa period!
Great care had been taken to keep all the signs and writing to period- even the newly repainted signs style was a throwback.
Did I mention that there were no people in the park other than ourselves and three park employees? Woo Hoo!! No lines! Here are the highlights-

Who could resist the Family Rand train?

The Sky Cycle entrance. Love that funky 80s font style.

Daughter and wife pedaling like mad.

The nautical theme- complete with Koi and live turtles!

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