Friday, July 30, 2010

My "Kita-Murasaki" (Purple North) potatoes are in, and they are Goooooooooood!!!!
The girl and I harvested them on Wednesday, and they were in the hash browns by morning. Ummm..... Hash purples....
We also harvested a bunch of "Andes Gold" (a russet) and "Kita-Akari" (Northern Lights) all from the same keyhole bed.

Making that bed was so easy! I took the seed potatoes, and set them on the close cropped grass.... well OK, close cropped weeds. Where was I... Oh yeah, I placed them in concentric circles (except for a foot wide path) and just covered them with 10cm of my compost (which has soil in it, remember?). Then I added about 20cm of leaves I collected last fall with the boy. They had one weeding about a month ago, and that is it, aside from having the dog do some watchdog duty to keep the wild boars away. Easy and effective.
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