Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh Sh..... Compost!

Yesterday, a big four ton dump truck from the beef farm down the hill came up to our house and took a huge dump next to my garden. Ah, glorious composted manure! Steaming hot and ready to spread. And only 4000 yen!
Already used 1/3 of it...

Immediately the youngest and I started spreading that compost thick over the sandbox I call my garden. 10cm thick. Oh, it was lovely! And it looks so nice!

It looks so good! I just want to roll around in it almost!

Composted rice hull bedding and steer manure
It should be enough to cover both the upper and lower gardens with 10cm of black gold. Looking forward to the season!


  1. Oh, and here I thought you were going to reference the Humanure Handbook :) It's a mark of my ignorance that I had no idea there were cattle farms in Japan. Are those CAFO style?

  2. Well, they have fairly roomy stalls, but not free range grass fed by any means. Mostly hay and silage.
    Dairy cows are pretty much the same as the U.S., with pasture and a milking barn. But not on the scale of some of those US farms.

    I love the Humanure Handbook. That is our system here. Speaking of, I have to go and empty some buckets today...