Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shipping Container House

While this really has nothing to do with me or homesteading, I saw an interesting house near the beach today. It is made of two 40 foot shipping containers. The owner cut the sides off of them using a hand-held disc grinder and several dozen discs! Then he pushed them together and welded them tight. He cut the windows and doors the same way. And the best part is that he said that he could pay for it out of his savings, so no debt.

Shipping Container House

Shipping Container House
It got me thinking of all the cool ways that you could stack shipping containers to build a house. 

The Overhang

The Breezeway


  1. I just came across this today so sorry for the slow comment.

    Its fantastic to see continued interest in container homes in Japan.

    Just in case you are interested I have a free video that discusses "stacking" variations of containers for construction here

    As you will see although "anything" is "possible" the two configurations you where looking at are considered "irregular stacking" and would push the price up considerably because of all the engineering and structural support required.

    No problem for "statement architecture" just not much chop for affordable housing solutions.

    1. I imagined as much. But they would be interesting! Thanks for commenting!