Sunday, February 26, 2012

Espresso Pancakes

This morning I was making pancakes for the kids and drinking some espresso (well, OK, it was Italian Coffee) made in my new Moka Pot. More on that later. Anyhow, the daughter came over and said how wonderful the coffee smelled. She asked me if I had ever put coffee into pancake batter before. I immediately dumped a bunch into the batter.
Folks, you should try this. It was very delicious. I didn't measure, just added what was left in the pot. Probably about 3 Tbsp.

On to the moka pot- this thing is wonderful! We got the three cup pot by Bialetti. I thought of Minnesota coffee cups when we bought it. Not quite the same! The three cup pot filled about half a Minnesota sized coffee mug. But it was so deliciously strong! I looked on Wikipedia for more information about it, and they said that it is not a true espresso maker, since they have to be made at 9 bar (atmospheric pressure at sea level), but moka pots have a maximum pressure of 1.5 bar. But I am not a foodie, and I could care less if it is "true" espresso. Now I just need some little tiny espresso shot cups and I am all set!

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