Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle

Wow. I was pulling out some leaves for mulch from the pile I made last year. Then I noticed a circular hole in the densely packed leaves... What could it be?
Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle emerging 
From My Corner of Japan
Why, a Rhino beetle coming out of its pupae skin.

Here in Japan, they are common pets among children and otaku.
The Japanese name- Kabutomushi. Kabuto means "helmet" and mushi means "insect." A helmet bug if you please. Samurai helmets looked a lot like the beetle, hence the name.
So anyway, I picked it up, put it in a flowerpot with some leaves for bedding, and brought it to my school for the little boys in my classes to look at.

From My Corner of Japan
It's a real beauty! Not so large, but very nice indeed.

Check out those abs!
From My Corner of Japan

Once you get over the freakiness of holding large bugs, you can see they are beautiful.
From My Corner of Japan

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