Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rice Update

Well, the rice paddy is doing.... OK I guess.... it is not nearly as tall as the neighbor's chemically fertilized paddy, but....
On Wednesday, I scattered a five gallon bucket of goat manure into the paddy to hopefully get it growing a bit more. Goat manure is so funny. Looks like beans. Real easy to spread though.
June 10

June 12


  1. This is so freaking awesome! I can't wait to see it turns out. You'll have to do a demonstration on how to process the rice from the plant.

  2. Thanks! I am working hard on it. But the paddy is so new, the soil is so bad, and I refuse to use chemical fertilizers. So I am thinking the yield will be abysmal this year. For next year I plan to shovel a lot of clay and well composted goat manure into it.

    My neighbor says the water is too cold, it needs to stand in the paddy and warm up. Mine just sinks through the gravel, so I have to keep on letting it flow in.

    I plan on threshing the rice with a beer crate on a big tarp. Just bash the heads on the crate and let them fall through. De-hulling will be at the coin operated rice polisher in town. Have no idea how to do that part by hand.