Saturday, June 18, 2011

Like a Hot Knife Through Butter...

I had the most wonderful brush cutting experience yesterday. Unbelievably smooth. It actually made me heat up a butter knife in a cup of warm water and try to cut the butter with it, just so I could have a comparison.

If you are looking for a brushcutter/ weed-eater blade, look no further than the Tsumura Golden Saws 255mm, 1.25mm thick, 30 tooth, Sasa bamboo grass disk. And at 1280 yen (about $15), it is a bargain. With proper sharpening it will last for years, as opposed to the chipsaw type, which are usually only good for a month or so.

I experienced absolutely no resistance for the first hour of use. The relatively woody stemmed weeds just fell like I was waving a light saber at them. It was truly a revelation!
Golden Saws 30 Tooth Brushcutter blade
Mister Kuroba 8 blade and Golden Saws 30 blade
 After using the Golden Saws for an hour or so, I swapped disks to the "Mr. Kuroba" 8 blade disk. While not as cathartic as using the GS, it was still orders of magnitude better than nylon strings or the standard chipsaw blades. If you are going to cut weeds and brush with a weed-eater, you deserve one of these blades.

Look at that thing. It is actually sexy!

It took less time to do a neater job in the Satsuma grove! Thank you Tsumura!


  1. That reads like an infomercial! Fantastic!

  2. My cutting wit shines through I guess. :)

  3. hi eric,
    Could you offer any website (in English language) which sells tsumura golden saws and provides international shippping?

    1. Sorry dereden,
      I don't know of anyplace that sells them (in English).
      You can e-mail the company directly at
      They might be able to help you.