Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Compost pile and my Thermo-probe 900

Well, I built a new compost pile with the weeds I slashed down with the brush cutter the other day.
Again, I am pretty... well, very lax about how I make the compost. This time I didn't have any garden beds nearby, so I didn't put any soil into it. I just layered 20cm of freshly cut greens, 2 cm of rice hulls, and repeated. It made a nice pile. That is enough for me. But in the interest of science, I decided to measure the temperature with my amazing Thermo-probe 900.

Just what is a Thermo-probe 900 you might ask? Well, it is a wonderful tool for measuring how hot your compost pile's innards are. Here is a picture of the pile and probe.

Nice, eh? A 900mm long surveyor's stake. Nice and pointy, can stab it right into the pile. Then, after a few hours, just mosey on back, pull it out, and feel the tip. If it is too hot to hold, that is good. If it is just hot, that is good too. My motto is that compost happens. Sometimes it takes a bit longer is all.

Thermoprobe in action

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